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Are you ready to be part of our next Gold Rush cohort of Founders?

Apply here, and get ready to join our community, amplify, and accelerate your business.

How long will the program be?
12 weeks

How many founders are accepted to each cohort?
We accept 10–15 companies per cohort, and all principal founders or CEOs of Asian descent may participate.

Where is the accelerator-based? Do I need to be in a certain city?
All programming is held virtually and available to founders based in the U.S.

When will I know if I’m admitted into the program?
Selected Founders will be notified by the Gold Rush Venture leads after the Selection Committee has completed the voting process.

Do I receive funding if I’m admitted? Is there a cost to the program?
Gold Rush is equity and fee-free. While founders will not receive direct funding from the program, they will be introduced to investors through a variety of individual, group, and community-wide events, including the Gold Rush Founder Showcase.

What does the programming look like?
Participating founders are privy to weekly 60–90 minute masterclasses hosted by Advisors and/or community-building events with other founders. Towards the end of the program, founders participate in the Gold Rush Showcase, an opportunity to present their brands to Gold House’s network of investors, celebrities, and influencers.

What is the expected time commitment?
Approximately 2–3 hours per week. In order to graduate and be eligible for Gold Rush Alumni benefits, you are expected to attend the majority of weekly sessions and networking events. We request your full engagement, both during synchronous programming and offline engagements with your advisor and other founders in your cohort. We are a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, so your active participation helps maintain our thriving community.