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Jaclyn Fu


Jaclyn Fu is the Co-founder & CEO of Pepper, an unapologetic bra brand for small-chested women. Pepper is solving the fit issues for a $5B underserved market in the U.S and is rallying women to embrace the ‘flat’ in flattering. Before Pepper, Jaclyn worked in San Francisco and New York City where she led product marketing at tech companies like Mozilla, Etsy and Conversocial. She is passionate about building community-focused products and leveraging social media and digital to change how brands interact with customers. Jaclyn is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and is also a registered yoga instructor in Denver.


What inspired you to create this company?
Pepper was first inspired by my own personal experience of growing up during puberty and hearing ‘flat chested’ as an insult, and then as an adult the experience of going to Victoria’s Secret and being handed a push up bra to look 2 sizes bigger. Bras never seem to fit because I would get awkward cup gaps from not being able to fill it. I wanted to create a bra specially designed to fit and flatter this body type so that small-chested women wouldn’t feel less than or not enough.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Unlike traditional bra companies in the market, Pepper specially designs to better fit AA, A, B cup sizes. Most bra companies will design for the industry standard (36C in America), and then scale that same design up or down, not taking into consideration the unique fit challenges of each size. More than just a bra company, Pepper’s mission is to create a movement to redefine society’s body standards so that being small chested is no longer a bad thing, but something that is celebrated like all body types.