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Product Description

Rooted is a modern-day plant company on a mission to reconnect you to nature. We deliver healthy, happy plants nationwide and directly from the nursery to share the joys and benefits of having greenery in your home. Rooted was founded because of our love for the outdoors and to make a positive impact on our environment. You could say that the nature of our business is nature itself. Proud member of @1PercentFTP

Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift
Gift Description:
The top spender of the Gold Rush campaign will win a $250 gift card to use site-wide or in-person at the Rooted store in NYC for a VIP shopping experience with a Rooted founder.

How to Win: Gift will be awarded to the buyer with the highest amount in a single order using the code GOLDRUSHVIP. Non-discounted items on the order contribute to the total amount. The winner will be notified by the brand via email after the Rush.