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Neuro Gum


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People become the best versions of themselves when their minds and body are in the right place at the right time. That’s why we spend too much time and money energizing our minds with coffee or energy drinks, filling our cabinets with supplements, and stocking our bathrooms with self-care products. Our health needs to be scheduled into our day (e.g. our morning coffee, our daily supplement, our skincare routine, etc.) because we’re limited on the products that help us maintain a balanced lifestyle in a healthy, easy, and convenient way. At Neuro, we did exactly that by putting nutrients that enhance your health and wellness into something intrinsically convenient, affordable, and portable – gum and mints. To be the best companion for your health, every production phase of our gum and mints – from sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, to testing – are done intently to create the most effective product for your needs.