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Bopomofo Cafe


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Bo, po, mo, and fo are the Chinese “ABCs,” a nostalgic and basic foundation for us Asian-Americans. As a cafe, BOPOMOFO seeks to represent this nostalgia and foundation with high-quality ingredients, homemade items, and an influence from both our cultural backgrounds.

BOPOMOFO’s story starts in the late 90s when boba was first introduced to the US. Our co-founder, Philip Wang immediately felt that boba shops were a unique part of Asian American culture which lead him to work at a cafe through college. Meanwhile Eric, our other co-founder, was developing his love for cooking at a young age, but had to give it up when his parents pushed him for a more secure career. In 2016, longtime friends Phil and Eric decided that they wanted to live out their culinary and hospitality dreams by opening a cafe of their own. Their drinks would use only fresh, real ingredients, and food items that celebrated their bi-cultural upbringing. Now, Phil and Eric seek to continue to provide a unique and high quality food and beverage menu, while also pushing creativity within their cafe and beyond.

Bopomofo Cafe offers a unique line of Asian boba cafe inspired fruit, tea, and espresso drinks, as well as hearty snack specialties including a Taiwanese Fried Chicken Sandwich, Mapo Tots, Scallion Pancake Lu Rou Nachos, and MOFO Club sandwich. All boba is available hot or iced, with free oat milk substitutions and a sliding scale of sweetness (though we recommend 100%).

Through elevated food, beverage, service, and design we seek to inspire and uplift the local community.