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Y Thien Nguyen

Boat People S.O.S., Inc.

Dr. Y Thien Nguyen received his PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University, specializing in the socio-historical study of modern Vietnam and the Vietnamese Diaspora. He subsequently joined BPSOS in 2021, serving in Fund Development and International Initiatives. He writes and develop grant proposals, strategical explore funding opportunities, and manages several BPSOS projects to build capacity for persecuted communities and address human rights violation in Vietnam. He is also a Research Associate for the US-Vietnam Research Center at the University of Oregon. His research encompasses a broad array of socio-political issues related to Asian American politics, the Indochinese refugee experience, and the Vietnam War. His work on politics and history of Vietnam and Vietnamese America has been published in the Journal of Asian American Studies. Subsequent works on similar topics are forthcoming in edited volumes.