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Wayne Wu

VMG, General Partner

Wayne Wu is a General Partner at VMG and cohost of VMG’s Unfinished Biz podcast. He currently serves on the board of Hello Bello, Velocity Snack Brands, Lily’s, among other brands within the portfolio. Previous board roles have included Justin’s, Babyganics, and Perfect Snacks.

VMG works intimately with founders and leaders of branded consumer product companies, providing the resources and guidance needed to propel them to their next level of growth and value.

Beyond capital, our value-added investment philosophy commits our deep experience, strategic guidance and passionate focus to help our partners accelerate growth, brand awareness and achieve their own definition of success.

Unfinished Biz focuses on the highs, lows, and challenges of being a Founder. Unfinished Biz hopes to make this journey more accessible to aspiring Founders and anyone interested in the ins and outs of running a business and building an emerging brand.

VMG has worked closely and successfully with brands such as Ancient Nutrition, Babyganics, Briogeo, Drunk Elephant, Hello Bello, Justin’s, KIND, Nature’s Bakery, Lily’s, Perfect Snacks, Pretzel Crisps, Quest, Spindrift, Stone, SunBum, and Vega to name a few.

The VMG team is excited to partner with the next generation of innovative, consumer product entrepreneurs, helping them to fully realize their founding vision to build iconic brands.