Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Walter Hamada

President, DC Films, Warner Bros.

“Walter has been a senior executive and producer at New Line Cinema for several years and has shepherded some of its most successful films (FRIDAY the 13th, the CONJURING series, ANNABELLE, IT, and the upcoming SHAZAM!). His experience as both an active producer and a studio executive makes him uniquely qualified to be a creative guide, as well as a seasoned navigator of the studio system. As the new President of DC FILMS, Walter has been chosen to transfer his immense talent and focus to Warners’ vitally important DC Comics universe. Being charged with guiding DC Comics’ film division means Walter will be working to shape a younger generation’s perceptions of heroes, heroines and pop culture. Walter is highly regarded as a creative, dedicated and responsible executive, and equally important, he’s known as a genuinely great guy!” – Bonni Lee