Vincent Kitirattragarn

Founder & CEO, Dang Foods

Vincent Kitirattragarn is the founder and CEO of Dang Foods, the largest healthy Asian snack company. Dang’s coconut chips, rice chips, and nutrition bars are found in over 10,000 grocery stores and have earned many industry awards including the coveted SOFI “best snack” award multiple times.


In 2012, he started a popup Thai restaurant and his mother gave him a recipe for Miang Kum, a Northern Thai lettuce wrap dish that requires toasted coconut. Vincent made the dish, tasted the coconut, and then immediately called his family to find more because it tasted so dang good. He then started a company and named it Dang, after his mother. A Cornell Graduate, Vincent is a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee and started his career helping the City of New York buy environmentally and socially preferable products. Vincent and has been an active member of the Asian-American community for decades, organizing an annual Thai-American youth camp, supporting local organizations advancing justice for underrepresented ethnic communities, and supporting Bay Area food banks.


In the natural food industry, Vincent advocates for Asian issues like the recognition of lunar new year and AAPI heritage month. He is also a board member of JEDI Collective, an industry group promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. He’s a huge fan of the Asian movie and music industries and is the only contestant ever to rap his investor pitch at Expo West, the industry’s largest trade show.”