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Terrence Kim, Kevin Kim

Founders of IISE

Founders names: Kevin and Terrence Kim. Two Korean-American brother’s born and raised in the U.S. and have been living in Asia for the past 10 years. We do not have a fashion education (degrees in Finance and English Rhetoric), but have been so inspired by our heritage after coming to Korea that spawned the idea for a Korean inspired lifestyle brand. We strive to spread cultural awareness of both our Korean and American identities through product and media contents.

What inspired you all to create this company?
To discover more about our heritage and re-interpret and share both traditional and modern Korean cultural elements with a global audience through product and media.

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
We believe we are the leading fashion and lifestyle brand globally that draws influences from different elements of Korean culture. We are based in Seoul, but our brand is carried in over 25 cities.