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Sujan Sarkar

Sujan Sarkar is the Chef and Partner at Baar Baar Los Angeles, an upscale restaurant in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles that reimagines Indian cuisine to a level that has yet to be seen in the city, while maintaining a sense of fun and exuberance. Following the success of Baar Baar New York, with co-owner Payal Sharma, Chef Sujan Sarkar brings a different version of Baar Baar to Los Angeles, creating his new Indian dishes that stay true to authentic flavors while pushing the boundaries of what Indian cuisine can be.

Growing up in a suburb of Kolkata, India, Chef Sarkar’s childhood was deeply influenced by a natural respect for farming and local produce and its incorporation into regional cuisine from the subcontinent. This has served as the backbone for Sarkar’s cooking style, which he brought with him as he earned his stripes in reputable kitchens throughout London. After 11 years in London, Sarkar returned to India for three years to take a deep dive into the breadth of Indian cuisine, working in various kitchens and serving as a force behind India’s first artisanal cocktail bar, Ek Bar. Since then, Chef Sarkar has opened a roster of modern Indian restaurants in the United States. Over his decades-long career, both internationally and here in the U.S., from Baar Baar in NYC to Indienne in Chicago and ROOH in San Francisco and New Delhi, Sarkar explores, understands and reimagines the future of Indian cuisine.

For Baar Baar Los Angeles, Chef Sarkar draws inspiration from the dishes he grew up eating as well as the modernist techniques he has developed from leading kitchens all over the world. The Baar Baar Los Angeles menu is driven by seasonal California produce brought to life by vibrant flavors of India, featuring small plates and chaats as well as large plates that are progressive with modern presentation. Filling the menu with surprises, Chef Sarkar intends to show Los Angeles locals a whole new world of unique flavor combinations with exciting new Indian cuisine that is fun, futuristic and like nothing the city has experienced so far.

Ultimately, Chef Sarkar is driven by the goal of breaking stereotypical ideas of what Indian food can be. He does so by bringing New Indian cuisine to center stage, celebrating it by curating an experience complete with innovative cocktails and superlative ambiance and hospitality.