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Stray Kids

K-Pop Group

Stray Kids is JYP Entertainment’s 8-member boy band formed in March 2018. All members are talented in producing, vocals, rap, and performance, and have been credited for writing and producing the majority of Stray Kids’ unique discography.

Stray Kids were crowned Top K-Pop Album winners at the recent 2023 BBMAs, and Best K-Pop winners at the 2023 VMAs with recent full-length album 5-STAR. In addition, they were the first 4th generation K-pop boy group to complete a 5-stop, 10-show dome tour in South Korea and Japan in 2023.

Not only did they debut four consecutive albums as No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, Stray Kids also became the 2nd K-Pop male group in history to enter the Billboard HOT 100 chart with recent release “LALALALA.” To this date, Stray Kids have amassed over 6.5 billion total Spotify streams and 12 music videos with over 100 million views.

The transformation to global dominators didn’t happen overnight. While Stray Kids earned the title of JYPE’s first million-selling artist with NOEASY in 2021, they tripled this record the following year and became JYPE’s first triple million-selling artist with MAXIDENT, only to become JYPE’s first quintuple million-selling artist the next year with 5-STAR. 5-STAR broke K-pop history with over 5.31 million stock pre-orders and sold 4.61 million copies during the first week of sales, which, at the time of, were highest in K-pop history.

The meaning of “Stray Kids” is not that they are lost; but rather they break and escape from tradition, formalities, and the old system. The band expresses their unique identity and truthfulness through their musical works, which skillfully illustrate what they know best – their personal stories. Stray Kids bulldozes through all geographical and cultural boundaries, allowing them to resonate deeply with global listeners.