Simran Kalra & Julia Huang


Simran was previously Head of Marketing at YouTube TV and spent the prior 20 years at American Express. Julia ran operations at a DTC company through Series A, and was previously at McKinsey and Google.

What inspired you/your team to create this company?
I grew up in a family of scientists and never thought about becoming an entrepreneur. When I went to Wharton for undergrad, I had the opportunity to work alongside the founders of Warby Parker as they were launching, and seeing a company come to life honestly blew my mind. 10 years and a few corporate jobs later, when Simran approached me about partnering on Haldi, I knew this journey was already a decade in the making. She had created Haldi to solve for the overwhelm in skincare. When she moved coasts, her skin freaked out — when turned to girlfriends for recommendations, they realized their skin was different, and when she went to Sephora, she got 375 options for moisturizers. She went through an endless loop of trial and error to find her perfect routine, and along the way realized that women (and men) all over faced this paradox of choice. We teamed up to Haldi to the world!

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
We create a 100% hyper-personal routine. There are a few players in the personalization space but we believe we’re solving user pain points that no one else is thinking about. 1. We look at your existing products and build a routine around it. Most brands want to sell you an entire product line, but most consumers in reality use multiple brands. We are the only company that respects users’ existing products in creating their personal routine. 2. We look at cross product compatibility. In a world in which active ingredients are hidden in many products and consumers are mixing and matching (often to bad results), we are guiding them on how to use products that are compatible 3. We provide a service that users are turning to for their intimate skin questions. When your skin is freaking out, you don’t go to Sephora and ask the sales person. And when you don’t know if your Vitamin C is “”good””, your dermatologist can’t help you. Our skin coaches are the trusted advisors to many users on their skin and product questions.”