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Ryan Kaji

Kid Creator & Star, Ryan's World

Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World is the world’s most popular kid creator on YouTube and star of the global Ryan’s World franchise spanning multiple categories including digital and broadcast entertainment and consumer products. Beyond YouTube, Ryan’s brand can be found everywhere families and kids are, including at major retailers like Walmart and Target, through OTT platforms like Hulu and Roku, on his Emmy nominated Nickelodeon show Ryan’s Mystery Playdate show (the highest-rated show on TV for 2- 5-year-old kids), in his favorite game Roblox and more.


In 2015, Ryan’s parents Loann and Shion Kaji launched his original YouTube channel as a way for him to keep in touch with extended family. Loann filmed the very first video of Ryan unboxing a toy he picked himself, uploaded it to YouTube, and the channel skyrocketed from there. Now, you can find content beyond toys, such as science experiments, educational lessons, skits, family challenges, video gaming, cartoon animations, and much more. Ryan has always loved recording videos that help kids learn, have fun, and take on new adventures and activities.


The Ryan’s World consumer products line includes apparel, home goods, books, games, and more, resulting in over 1,000 brand-themed products across the globe. The Ryan’s World consumer products line marked the first time that a YouTube star in the children and family space has created their own dedicated line of toys and apparel. In order to streamline Ryan’s on-air time and to focus on education and living life like a normal kid, Ryan’s parents created the family’s production company, Sunlight Entertainment, which currently employs a 30-person team of videographers, editors, animators, writers, and voice actors to help produce live-action and animated content — releasing about 25 videos a week. The studio manages nine YouTube channels: Ryan’s World, Ryan's World Español, Ryan’s World in Japanese, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, and The Studio Space. The main Ryan’s World YouTube channel alone has amassed over 29 million subscribers (and growing).


Beyond filming, Ryan’s time is mostly spent on his education and extracurricular activities/classes he enjoys like swimming, music, computer coding, gymnastics, soccer and Taekwondo. Ryan also likes helping his mom with his twin sisters, Emma and Kate, including lots of reading time with them, and enjoys philanthropic work with his entire family, especially doing playdates with children in the Make-A-Wish program.


Ryan lives with his parents and twin sisters.