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Ray Li, Mark Zheng

Founders of Sene

Ray Li and Mark Zheng are the partners behind Sene. Ray hails from NYC and previously ran global rebrands for tech and CPG companies. Mark hails from Michigan and previously built valuation models for healthcare companies.


What inspired you all to create this company?
If Theory and a custom tailor had a baby, you would have Sene. The origin of the company began with the difficulty of finding well designed quality pieces that fit well. As Asian American males, we found that many of the brands that we loved for their design were simply too big in their cuts. This is the result of the industry standard that the ideal cut of clothing is made for a six foot tall caucasian male.


The idea was not to just focus on dress shirts and wool suits which were traditionally custom-made in the apparel industry. We wanted to bring custom-tailoring to everyday clothing to follow the cultural shift towards casual workwear.


In addition, the shopping experience for custom-tailored clothing was difficult. Who has time to go get their measurements done? We created the SmartFit Quiz: a short quiz that extrapolates your measurements based on a series of qualitative questions.


No more ill-fitting clothing. No more low-quality pieces. No more difficulty in shopping. That’s Sene.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?


There are numerous factors that separate our company from the market:


Brand aesthetic is number one. With a focus on quality Japanese materials, our design is centered around minimalism and functionality.


Our product is sourced from materials that provide functionality to the consumer. Flexible and stretchy, the fabrics all move with you to fit your lifestyle on the go.


The cherry on top of all the design and functional product is that it is custom-made from scratch for you. With the ease of the SmartFit Quiz, consumers receive an incredible fitting piece made uniquely for them.


On the supply chain side, our turnaround time is one of the best from production through delivery: 3 weeks. In addition, we have a 60 Day Fit Guarantee that covers alterations, remakes, exchanges, and returns! This allows consumers to feel totally confident and risk-free about the custom process.