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Philip Wang, Eric Wang

Bopomofo Cafe

Philip Wang is a co-founder of the digital production company “Wong Fu Productions”. With over 3 million subscribers and half a billion views of his content, filmmaking has allowed him to tell his stories through visual mediums. Creating Bopomofo is another way for him to tell stories, but now through food and a physical space. To start this new venture he partnered with his long time friend Eric Wang, who was also passionate about food and hospitality. Eric, however, came from a background in finance, but then successfully transitioned to entertainment through managing a roster of digital influencer talents. Eric and Phil, both brand new in the F&B industry, tackled this massive challenge of opening a small restaurant. Almost immediately, BPMF was attracting tourists from around the world! With a rapidly growing brand, expansion is now in their sights!


What inspired you all to create this company?
Boba culture was such a huge part of my life growing up, and it continues to evolve for this next generation of Asian Americans and around the world. Through Wong Fu Productions I’ve been able to reach people with films and stories, and I wanted to find a way to more directly impact people through a physical space and product. I’ve always had a love for food and beverage, so creating my own version of a boba cafe that resonated with my values and mission became a new passion of mine. Creating a brand and products that took pride in our dual cultural upbringing while directly uplifting our community keep us striving.

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?

There are countless boba brands that pop up each year. But BPMF is not just a boba shop. Not only do we serve great beverages (boba being part of the menu), but we also serve unique Chinese/Taiwanese inspired food items as well. And while most new Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants offer their modern and elevated versions of cultural classics, BPMF is one of the only concepts that is creating fusion items at the fast-casual tier. On top of a boundary pushing delicious menu, the culture of BPMF is what truly stands out among other cafes and restaurants. We put just as much focus on being a space/brand that builds up specifically Asian American creators and community. We do this through live events, artists collaborations, and content creation.