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Mina Na-Rae Fedor

Founder and Executive Director, AAPI Youth Rising

Mina Fedor is the Founder and Executive Director for AAPI Youth Rising, a student organization composed of middle-school and high-school students, whose mission is to take small actions to make positive change. AAPI Youth Rising first came together by organizing a stop-AAPI hate rally in Berkeley, California that to their surprise drew over 1200 attendees. AAPI Youth Rising is now a national organization with over 60 Chapters across the country. AAPI Youth Rising believes in fighting for inclusive education, promoting safe and healthy communities, civic engagement, and raising our youth voices. AAPI Youth Rising developed a lesson about the untold histories of Asians in America and volunteers to teach this lesson across the country.

President Biden named Mina as an ‘Uniter’ at the 2022 ‘United We Stand Summit’ held in Washington DC., a bi-partisan effort to combat the rise in hate-fueled violence in America. She is the 2022 Robert Wood Johnson Health Equity Award recipient for Society for Science Broadcom MASTERS, Act to Change’s 2022 Changemaker of the Year, and a Top 5 Finalist for the 2022 Time Kid of the Year.

AAPI Youth Rising is the 2022 American Girl partner organization for the first Chinese-American Girl of the Year Doll. The partnership announcement reached 1.3 billion impressions online. AAPI Youth Rising is Asia Society West’s Game Changer of the Year for 2023.

AAPI Youth Rising appeared before the White House Commission on AANHPI – Health Equity subcommittee and continues to partner with Dignity.us, a bi-partisan effort led by four Presidential centers.

AAPI Youth Rising has been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, NPR, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Teach for America, and many others. Mina is a 9th grader attending school in Oakland, California. She enjoys creating and unpacking the mysteries of the human mind.