Cindy Wang, Maria Ho

Blackwood® For Men

As thriving beauty enthusiasts, Cindy Wang and Maria Ho met in Los Angeles and founded Blackwood For Men. Having been a long-term member of the cosmetics industry, Cindy Wang brings her vision and talent in design and packaging, while Maria Ho, having traveled extensively, brings her breadth of research up-to-date with current beauty trends and skincare. Their passion for skin care meshed. Both fanatics of Japanese culture and skincare formulations, they wanted to create and share something special with the American market. They developed a line that would serve the modern man in America. Cindy is currently the head of Creative, Branding, and Product Development, and Maria Ho is the head of Business Development. Together with their dynamic and dedicated team, they have successfully made their vision into a reality. Blackwood For Men’s partners include Ulta Beauty,,,, Amazon, iHerb, others.


What inspired you/your team to create this company?
In 2014, we noticed two trends converging among young American men: a move towards more sophisticated grooming routines, and a growing focus on wellness and natural products. While these trends were about to redefine the American market, they had long ago existed in Asia, where many men had already embraced more specialized products and grooming routines. So, we partnered with one of the best skincare manufacturers in Japan to create a new line that would merge Japan’s high-quality formulas with American sensibilities to meet the rapidly refining needs of American men. Men in this emerging market still put a priority on value and convenience, and so, we set out to create multi-functional formulas with natural ingredients in a clean, modern package that would control costs without sacrificing quality. The end result is a unique line of Japanese-inspired premium men’s grooming products without the premium price, made for guys who appreciate simple luxuries and want to feel healthy and refreshed after a hard workout or a night out.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Every Blackwood For Men product comes with its own Botanical Boost to not only cleanse, but to also restore and protect their skin and hair at the same time. The formulas help to reduce inflammation, aid healing and prevent damage. They are designed to help men do more with less — less time, less trouble and less cost than other premium products. We put an emphasis on Japanese botanical ingredients like Tsubaki Oil, Panax Ginseng, Swertia Japonica, and Tanakura Clay that are renowned overseas for their natural benefits, but are not found in current skincare market. Our products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and ocean-safe. They have received multiple awards: Beauty ID in 2017, Beauty Launchpad’s 2018 Readers’ Choice, and The Manual’s Best Shampoo of the Year in 2019. They have been touted by a rising number of elite athletes for their unique balance of power, precision, form and function. Our brand embraces sustainability, responsibility and giving back. Along with supporting veterans and front line healthcare workers, for every bottle of HydroBlast Moisturizing Shampoo purchased, we donate to The Maalgo Project providing clean water to the communities in Ghana, Africa.