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Travis-Atreo Graham, Kingsley Ma & Josh Malneritch


Travis-Atreo Graham

Travis-Atreo Graham is a singer, songwriter, producer, artist coach, mentor, and record label owner. He was the lead singer of the AAPI band New Heights from 2006-2012, and in 2014 began his solo career after Taylor Swift retweeted one of his covers of her hit song “Style”. After 270m Spotify streams and over 75m views on YouTube, Travis’s self proclaimed purpose is to reduce suffering for artists of all kinds, and looks to do just that with Fanded.


Kingsley Ma

Kingsley’s passion for technology and the internet began when his dad brought home a 386 computer complete with a dot matrix printer, dial-up modem, and a copy of AOL Online. He dove head first into a career in software after graduating with a degree in computer science from UCSD. The smartphone revolution brought him back to Silicon Valley where he helped various startups with successful exits and most recently an IPO at UserTesting. Today, he’s building a fundraising platform for artists as a co-founder of Fanded. He enjoys his downtime playing golf and looking for the next great cup of boba with his wife and two young sons.



Fanded is a crowdfunding investment portal that allows artists to seek investment funds from their fans and supporters for their next album project. We believe by allowing fans to become bigger stakeholders in the new albums of their favorite artists, we will create a better ecosystem for independent artists to finally create lasting financial sustainability.