Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Kevin Nishimura

Co-CEO, Transparent Arts & Governor/ Board, Recording Academy LAC

Kevin Nishimura is co-CEO /co-founder of Transparent Arts, an entertainment media company focused on bridging Asia continental artists and content globally. As a founding member of the Far East Movement, the first Asian American artists to hit #1 on the Billboard charts, Kevin has over 15 years dedicated to championing the AAPI community in entertainment and creating new business paths in Asia through his transition to the co-CEO role at Transparent Arts. Currently representing some of the most influential Asian talent in the world, they also provide a global platform for upcoming talent through tv & film production with the launch of their major network K-drama tv series titled ‘IDOL: The Coup”, and through their Identity Festival with Amazon Music thrown annually during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Kevin’s community outreach extends through his work as co-chairman of the Pacific Bridge Arts Foundation which gives AAPI students opportunities for a career in arts through art/ music scholarships and gives the AAPI community a stage to showcase their art globally through the Identity Festival. As a co-founder of Gold House (the premier non-profit collective of Asian & Pacific Islander founders and leaders) and recently elected to the Recording Academy (Grammy) LA Chapter board as governor, Kevin is pushing for representation and support for the AAPI community in music & entertainment through the facilitation of Grammy U AAPI scholarships and the Gold House Grammy membership panel.