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Kenneth Lin

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Credit Karma

Kenneth “Ken” Lin is the founder and CEO of Credit Karma, a company he grew from a small team of three people to over 1,100 employees on a mission to champion financial progress for all.


Ken started Credit Karma in 2007 to offer free credit scores and bring transparency and simplicity to the credit industry – an industry traditionally built to serve banks, not consumers. Today, Credit Karma serves more than 110 million people in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. It continues to use technology to bridge the gap between consumers and financial institutions by providing free, consumer-first products designed to help people manage their full financial lives — everything from managing and paying down debt to building savings and eventually buying a home.


Ken spent his early career working with mission-driven businesses like Upromise and Eloan. He was inspired to build Credit Karma with a unique business model that creates genuine, organic value by reducing marketing inefficiency for banks and empowering consumers with information.


He has won numerous awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and the 2019 Apex Youth Inspiration Award, and has been a featured speaker at prominent conferences like Money 20/20 2018 and RISE Hong Kong. Ken has a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and economics from Boston University and was selected to join the Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellows in 2018.


Ken moved with his family from China to the U.S. when he was only four years old and, like many children first-generation immigrants, his parents worked long hours, sometimes six days a week. He is the first in his family to complete college and is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and Asian Americans throughout the country.”