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Kelly Pan, Stephanie Claudino Daffara & Adrian Miranda

Impact Food

Kelly Pan

Kelly Pan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Food. She is a foodie turned entrepreneur on a mission to reimagine a more sustainable food system. After watching many documentaries and learning about industrial food production systems, she realized that the way we use animals for food is not only extremely cruel, but also very inefficient and harmful for the environment. When Kelly began transitioning to a plant-based diet, she found that there were very limited alternatives to animal meat – especially for seafood. She loves sushi, so raw whole cut seafood was the perfect place to start.

While completing her Business degree at UC Berkeley Haas, Kelly met her Co-Founders: computer scientist Stephanie Claudino Daffara and biochemist Adrian Miranda. Previously, Kelly has led multiple interdisciplinary teams and launched impact-driven projects, including a pro-bono consulting organization for small businesses. She is excited to bring tasty and accessible Impact Food to the masses!


Impact Food

At Impact Food, we’re dedicated to building a more sustainable and resilient food system by creating alternative protein products that taste and perform just like their animal counterparts, starting with seafood. Our novel food technology platform harnesses the power of plants and scientific innovation to create delicious and nutritious plant-based whole cut seafood. We’re shifting our global food system away from animals with plant-based products that are better for you and the planet.