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Judge Khanna

Founder of SpiltMilk Eyewear

When introduced in 2017, Judge Khanna and Saif Ghobash immediately recognized their creative synergy, and have since then dreamed of reshaping the landscape for luxury eyewear. With Ghobash hailing from Dubai, and Khanna based in New York City, the two creators had very different visions as to where their respective creative paths were initially headed. Upon graduating from Parsons, Khanna built a luxury womenswear collection, dressing prestigious and elite New York woman. During his tenure as a womenswear designer, Khanna felt there was an opportunity to create a bigger splash in the luxury accessory space. Ghobash has served as lead inspiration behind the recent collection, having the ability to appreciate and understand luxury, while also having an eye for recognizing humor and edge within Khanna’s unique style. Initially as friends, and now business partners, Ghobash and Khanna plan to shift the perspective on the eyewear industry.


What inspired you all to create this company?
After a failed business venture, I was inspired to create a cutting edge product built on the idea of humor and luxury. “Don’t cry over spilt milk and live in the moment,” was my motto in life.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
SpiltMilk evokes humor, luxury and sensuality. Handmade in Japan, using combination of malleable titanium and metal, each pair has nosepads and temples that can be adjusted to fit any face perfectly.