Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Jon M. Chu


Director Jon M. Chu’s latest film, Warner Bros.’ Crazy Rich Asians, is the first all-Asian cast Hollywood studio film in 25 years (since The Joy Luck Club). His other movies, including G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Now You See Me 2, The Step Up series, and Justin Bieber’s documentary-defining Never Say Never, have grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. Jon is also the founder of a dance company called the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD) which has performed at the Oscars, TED, and many prestigious venues around the world. His other work like the inventive and beloved Virgin America In-Flight Safety Video, Microsoft Surface commercials, and Justin Bieber music videos have more than a billion views all together. Chu is widely adored and respected for being a fun, inventive, and accessible creative.