John Chao & Tony Yin


John Chao
John Chao is Co-founder & CEO of Tresl. He has over 16 years of experience in data science across Retail/CPG, Digital Marketing, and social networks, most recently as a data scientist at LinkedIn. While at LinkedIn, John launched account-based targeting, resulting in a +20% win rate for field sales. John holds a M. Sc. Statistics from Stanford University,

Tony Yin
Tony Yin is Co-founder & CTO of Tresl. Tony has 10 years of experience in data science, quant, and crypto. He loves to build beautiful products, and built online segmentation for Linkedin Learning, a $50M business line. Tony holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Chicago.

About Tresl
Founded by LinkedIn data scientists, Tresl Segments simplifies the creative process of segmented campaigns, helping marketers activate their audiences across channels with personalized offers, no engineers or coding required.