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Jeremy Cai

Founder of Italic

I split time between Los Angeles and Shenzhen as the CEO of Italic.com. Previously, I was an archetypical tech founder—as an early Thiel Fellow & college dropout, I founded Fountain.com and went through YC S15. I also cofounded Blemish, the holding company behind the cult favorite brand, Not Pot, with Kati. Before starting companies, I cut my teeth on product & ops jobs in SF & Chicago while occasionally investing in startups (but have since stopped).

What inspired you all to create this company?
I come from a family with a long history in manufacturing. Having worked in the industry since a young age, I realized the inefficiencies and unfairness that the existing model of retail offered both manufacturers and consumers. After years of speaking with manufacturers, I started Italic as a means to democratize access to luxury goods.

What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
We sell unbranded luxury goods (think handbag from same factory as Celine but 1/3 the price). By removing brands, we’re able to offer dramatically lower prices to consumers, pay our manufacturers a fairly, and create a more sustainable supply chain.