Jeff Rosenthal

Co-Founder, Summit

Jeff is the Co-Founder of Summit, a group organizations best known for entrepreneurial community development & hosting global ideas festivals and events. He is the co-owner, co-designer, and co-developer of Summit Powder Mountain, and Powder Mountain ski resort in Eden, Utah.

Jeff currently serves on the Leadership Council at Conservation International, and on the boards of the Summit Impact Foundation, Beyond Conflict and Street Soccer USA.
He is a Founding Partner of Emergent Strategic Partners, a growth services and investment advisory firm.

Jeff is a Founding Partner of the Drawdown Fund, and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Jeff serves as a Senior Advisor to many for profit, and non-profit organizations, including Inspire Clean Energy, Calm, Scopely, Seed Biosciences, Goodleap, One Community Films, Arabella Advisors and Whistleblower Aid.

Jeff was a founding board member of the Summit Institute, the Summit Fellowship, former Senior Advisor to TPG Rise and TPG Growth, and a founding board member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.

He is the co-author of Make No Small Plans, coming out 2022 from the Crown Publishing Group.