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James Oh

Avarelle Cosmetics

James Oh found Avarelle Cosmetics, a company specializing in hydrocolloid acne patches in order to find an option for his wife who was battling acne. He yearned to create honest products using clean and safe ingredients, while making them affordable and accessible worldwide. Given his science background, James had learned how helpful hydrocolloid bandages were in treating open wounds. Using that insight, he had experimented with it by cutting small pieces and testing it on blemish areas. He saw that the medical-grade properties of hydrocolloid not only sped up the recovery process but also protected the pimple while it was healing. He thought, “why not take it a step further and add essential oils that have acne healing benefits to it?” and that’s how Avarelle was created. The rest is an ongoing story!


What inspired your team to create this company?
Many suffering from acne know that half the battle is the recovery time. We want to empower our community to find confidence beyond the coverage, while relying on our acne patches to get the job done. It protects & heals the blemish whether at home or on-the-go! We continue to deliver quality products at an affordable price to our customers, but more importantly, we care about the faces behind the purchases. We send our customers handwritten thank-you cards designed by artists with Autism through our LIFT Hire Program. The program was created to provide workplace equity and give an equal chance for those who are often overlooked in society. Now more than ever, during a global pandemic and racial reconciliation, we strive to not only be better but do better as a company.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Using only clean & safe ingredients, our factory has a patent on their technology and built their machine from the ground up. This patented technology is only exclusive to Avarelle. Our ultra-thin acne patches have been approved by board-certified dermatologists and selected by top Allure Beauty Editors. We offer a variety of our acne patches at an affordable price while keeping our eye on sustainability.