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Isabel Khoo

Noodie Foods

About the Founder
The founder of NOODIE, Isabel Khoo, developed the idea while in the one place everyone associates with instant ramen: college. In between early-morning classes and late-night study sessions, noodles in polystyrene cups were a convenient comfort-food staple in her diet … until she read up on the ingredients: harmful additives, artificial flavors and powders, processed carbohydrates, and who-knows-what. With no alternative on the market, she realized she’d have to create a healthy version herself. What followed were multiple expeditions through Asia, developing a product using the latest technology across Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Bringing new meaning to shelf-stable foods, NOODIE delivers this technology, in the form of its Irresistible Ramen, the culmination of infinite gastronomic refinements. Isabel holds a BA from Brown University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and an MBA from Harvard.

About Noodie Foods
NOODIE is a new plant-based instant ramen that challenges the belief that healthy & delicious can’t get it on. Crafted for those who want it all – it’s good for you, but tastes like it isn’t.