Hansen Shieh

One Culture Foods

Hansen is a scrappy, resourceful operator with a proven ability to execute by focusing on the inputs and “figuring it out”. A product of entrepreneurial immigrant parents, UC Berkeley, and Columbia Business School, Hansen combined the tools and experiences he’s acquired to create a brand that tells his story and the story of a generation of Asian-Americans representing their unique cultural identity more proudly than ever before.


What inspired you all to create this company?
The inspiration behind One Culture comes from my childhood in the food-rich, immigrant community of the San Gabriel Valley and all the Asian flavors and foods that played such a big role in defining my upbringing. I wanted to create a platform to share the big bold flavors that I’m passionate about and are such a big part of the Asian American experience to as many people as possible.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
What distinguishes One Culture from our competitors is our ability to speak to our consumers in an authentic and credible way. We can connect with their values and sensibilities and communicate directly with them in a native voice.

What distinguishes our products is a unique culinary standard that is not met by most in the natural food space. With all the diet tribes, attribute arms races, and hot new alternative xyz trends dictating the direction of our industry, we believe the North Star has been lost a bit and brands have forgotten that at the end of the day food needs to be delicious. Flavor always wins.