Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Hanna Huang

Stories Within

Hanna is a Taiwanese Texan who grew up along the borderlands far away from the comforts of bubble tea shops. Her background in Asian American Pacific Islander educational programming and community organizing eventually led to advocacy for Asian American creatives in the arts. Her love of non-profits, film, and AAPI stories found a unique home as the current Executive Director of the Austin Asian American Film Festival in Texas. As a long-time volunteer turned staff member, she finds herself very fortunate to be able to tell her parents that her undergraduate Asian American studies degree is one she makes use of every day. Some of her fondest memories film memories include browsing the aisles at Blockbuster with her dad to look for films they could both understand and long summers at her grandparents in Taiwan watching every movie channel that had terrible English subtitles.

PJ Raval is a queer, first generation Filipinx American filmmaker whose documentary work has screenly widely internationally and has appeared on platforms such as Netlfix, PBS, Discovery and Showtime. PJ is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Radio TV Film at the University of Texas at Austin and is a Guggenheim Fellow, Soros Justice Fellow, a leadership team member of the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc) and a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Erica Brozovsky is the host and writer of the PBS Digital Series Otherwords. She received her doctorate in English sociolinguistics from The University of Texas at Austin where she taught for several years including classes in Asian American Literature and Culture, Rhetoric of Bicultural Identity, and English Language and Its Social Context. Erica also serves as Director of Programming for the Taiwanese American Citizens League and Program Coordinator for Stories Within.