Gene Zhu

Afar Foods

Gene has loved food ever since he was a little kid. What began as an adoration for his mom’s Chinese home cooking has grown into an obsession with cuisines from all over the world. But over the years, he has realized the global flavors he craves in meals are hard to find in the snacks that fuel his “on-the-go” lifestyle – especially bars, which all have the same sweet flavors like chocolate and peanut butter.

Meeting lots of founders while working in private equity and getting his MBA at The Wharton School gave Gene an entrepreneurial itch, which he finally scratched during the pandemic. While sheltering-in-place, he decided to create the snack brand of my dreams, one that highlights the world’s incredible diversity. A year and 500+ experiments later, he created the Afar bar, the only protein bar with savory, global flavors!

Afar Foods celebrates global cultures and cuisines through healthy snacks. Our first product, the Afar bar, is the one-and-only protein bar with savory, global flavors. It’s plant-based, high protein, and low sugar (80% less sugar than most bars). Our goal is to help you enjoy international flavors anytime and anywhere – and with our bars, it’s as easy as tearing open a wrapper!