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Gautam Gupta

TCV, General Partner

Prior to TCV (www.tcv.com), Gautam was a partner at M13 and founder/CEO of NatureBox (www.naturebox.com), a digitally native brand of snacks. The company has attracted millions of customers and has over 40% brand awareness across the country. The experience gave him many hard-earned lessons in management, scaling, raising capital, and dealing with “shit-hit-the-fan” moments.

Gautam started his career as an early stage investor at General Catalyst. He joined the firm when he was 18 years old and spent the first 8 years of his career as part of the team that scaled it from a small firm to one with global reach, including helping open the west coast office. As a professional and angel investor, Gautam has funded over 30 companies. His portfolio includes 5 companies valued over $1B and in aggregate, generates over $1.5B in annual net revenue. Examples include BigCommerce, GoodData, Honest Company, Grammarly, Imperfect Produce, Pilot, The Pill Club, Heap Analytics, Split.io, among others.