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Florence Kwok


About the Founder
Florence is a former UI/UX and growth PM from the consumer tech world. She’s worked at large to small companies from Intuit to App Annie. She’s a UC Berkeley alum, former D2C beauty founder, and recently moved from SF to Nevada to build Presson from their new warehouse.

About Presson
Presson is a direct-to-consumer nail brand that utilizes a new nail technology to bring you easy, at home gel nails. We’ve packaged the salon experience for you at home with our semicured gel nails – they’re partially cured UV gel strips that cures hard to a salon shine under a UV light. Our salon quality UV gels are non-damaging, cruelty-free, and takes minutes to put on, saving you hours and thousands of salon time and cost. Powered by our 30K+ community, we vote on new and trendy designs from our members and do regular monthly drops based off of our community’s favorite nail designs.