Farah Jesani

One Stripe Chai

Farah Jesani grew up in an Indian household where chai was brewed twice a day. Shortly after leaving her job in consulting in NYC and being drawn to making a big career change, Jesani found herself in the heart of Portland’s coffee culture. As a novice barista, she was disappointed by the lackluster coffeehouse chai that tasted like a watered-down version of the beverage that defined her life and culture. Identifying this gap, she set out to recreate the bold, spicy beverage she grew up with, in the hopes of bridging the gap between chai’s authentic Indian roots and its modern misconceptions. Jesani’s broader vision is to bring South Asian beverages and flavors beyond chai to consumers. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

One Stripe Chai is a South Asian beverage brand developing drinks inspired by our heritage. Since 2018, One Stripe has combined the rich spices of masala chai with single origin black tea to create an all natural chai concentrate now used by coffee shops all over the country. In 2020, the brand expanded to include DIY loose leaf blends that introduced South Asian flavors beyond chai directly to consumers.