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Emma Broyles

Miss America 2022

This past year, thousands of young women competed to become Miss America and on December 16th, 2021, as the organization celebrated its 100th Anniversary, Emma Broyles from Anchorage, Alaska became the first Miss Alaska to earn the coveted Miss America crown and was awarded a record $100,000 in scholarship assistance.

As Miss America 2022, Emma will embark on a year of service that will take her on a national tour across the country, promoting her social impact initiative, Building Community Through Special Olympics, an organization she has volunteered with for more than 12 years.

Emma also encourages another important conversation by sharing her personal experience with ADHD along with dermatillomania, a form of OCD with chronic skin picking. “I’ve struggled with all of these things, and I am а better person as а result. Being isolated in my college dorm for so long during Covid was extremely difficult. It was at that point, when I was at my lowest, that I realized I was capable of so much more.”

“Being crowned Miss America 2022 is an incredible dream come true,” said Broyles. “As a Korean American, I am so grateful for the opportunity to compete alongside so many brilliant, talented women and I hope to live up to the legacy. It’s been an honor to represent the great state of Alaska and I look forward to making a significant impact through my personal story and social impact initiative on the national stage.”

Broyles is in her junior year at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, where she is majoring in biomedical sciences with plans to become a dermatologist. Broyles believes that being a part of a community is central to the human experience. Through her social impact initiative, her goal is to help people from all walks of life be heard and respected through practicing inclusion. A gifted vocalist, for the talent portion of the Miss America competition, Broyles sang, “Let Me Be Your Star” from the NBC television show, “Smash.”