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Diya Sharma & Chad Bettencourt

Soak Experiences

Diya Sharma

Diya is a first generation immigrant who previously led product design for various consumer facing products at LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn she was one of the early hires at Sindeo (a fintech startup, was later acquired by Renren). Diya had her fair share of struggle to remain in this country of dreams as an immigrant, she was awarded an O1 visa by USCIS in 2015.
She received her bachelors in Industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design where she was always surrounded by creatives. The creative community fuels her and she is passionate about empowering them by helping them monetize their passion/skillset.


Soak Experiences

Soak is a marketplace that helps creatives and locals share immersive experiences. We are creating a new segment within the gig economy where people can host experiences led by local creatives (chefs, musicians, makers) in their own home or office.