Dino-Ray Ramos

Associate Editor, Deadline

Dino-Ray Ramos is currently the Associate Editor at Deadline Hollywood where he reports on inclusion, diversity and representation in film and TV. In addition, he covers genre film & TV, as well as pop culture and media. Based in Los Angeles, he attends and reports on events and awards shows such as the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Comic-Con, SXSW and the TCA press tour. He is the creator, co-host and producer of the New Hollywood Podcast which champions people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community and other underrepresented voices in film and television.


A Texas native and first-generation Filipino American, Dino-Ray worked as film and TV reporter for over 15 years, having worked for the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle before moving to sunny, earthquake-fearing Los Angeles. Prior to Deadline, he was the chief film critic at the Tracking Board and has written for numerous publications including Vogue, Entertainment Tonight, Bustle, Paste Magazine and Queerty. He likes to call out Hollywood when they are being trash and believes is rising up and reaching back when it comes to helping all marginalized communities.


He is an active runner, active eater of carbs, a pescatarian, a cannabis advocate, believer in the Oxford comma and a member of a RuPaul’s Drag Race fantasy league. He listens to nothing but ‘90s hip hop and R&B, watches 30 Rock and The Office on repeat, is a level 2 nerd, and thinks that The Goonies is the greatest movie of all time. Overall, he has many popular opinions as he does unpopular ones and he can spill all of it when it’s necessary.