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Derrick Dinglasan


Derrick Dinglasan has over 20 years combined experience in E-commerce, mobile, and digital strategy for consumer products ranging from beauty, health & wellness, fashion, and electronics. He is Founder and Chief Product Officer of the venture-backed beauty technology brand, OPTE, the innovative, first-of-its-kind digital precision skincare system that promotes and reveals the natural beauty and radiance of one’s skin with its new disruptive solution to hyperpigmentation.


A native of Sacramento California, Derrick initially braved the cold Illinois weather to lead numerous consumer product launches for Motorola, before returning to the sunnyside at Qualcomm in Southern California. After joining lowermybills.com, Derrick found a passion for consumer experience and digital advertising, which has fueled the second half of his career. He was recruited to be an early member of the leadership team at The Honest Company, which became one of the most recognized digitally native disruptor brands in CPG during his tenure. He also spearheaded the online growth of startup brands like Five Four Club (men’s fashion), Jaanuu (fashionable medical scrubs) and most recently led the digital transformation at Manduka (20-year-old yoga mats, accessories and apparel) as its Global Head of Digital.


Derrick holds a Masters from Northwestern University and a BSE from the University of Pennsylvania.


What inspired you/your team to create this company?
Having perfect spotless skin has been the quest for centuries and yet outside of multi-performing foundation, innovation in addressing both the coverage and long-term improvement of hyperpigmentation have been few. On average, only 5% of facial skin needs to be corrected, yet most products on the market today exist in the form of creams that expect you to cover 100% of your skin, oftentimes exacerbating the spots you are trying to treat. OPTE was developed to provide precision skincare, to make only spots disappear, ultimately revealing the natural beauty of the skin. First incubated via a partnership between a Santa Monica venture firm and consumer products venture studio, and with years of product development, testing, and research conducted, we are excited to launch OPTE this summer as a direct-to-consumer brand.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Nothing else exists in the market like OPTE. It’s not a laser, makeup, or skin lightening cream. It is a precision skincare system that leverages printing technology and digital optics through a built-in camera to scan the skin and pinpoint exactly where coverage is needed, delivering instant results for perfected skin. No cakey foundation. By treating and covering just the spots that need it and not the ones that don’t, the natural beauty of skin is revealed every day.