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Deborah Yeh & Zena Arnold

Global CMO & US CMO, Sephora

Deborah Yeh is the Chief Marketing Officer for Sephora worldwide.

In her role, Deborah is responsible for supporting the company’s global community of marketers and building a Sephora brand experience that is inspiring and inclusive everywhere.

Since joining Sephora in 2012, Deborah has been instrumental in building Sephora’s reputation as a leader in beauty. In addition to supporting marketing functions such as brand strategy, media, and loyalty, Deborah also leads Purpose and sustainability efforts for the company. She is a member of the Sephora global leadership team.

Deborah is passionate about bringing Sephora’s values to life in a meaningful and authentic way for all stakeholders, and she works closely with organizations who elevate underrepresented voices in marketing and in society at large. She is an advisor to the nonprofit Act to Change, a board member at the D&I trade organization BRIDGE, and a member of the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing.

Deborah has received notable industry recognitions such as Business Insider’s Most Innovative CMOs in the World, Forbes CMO Next, and ASCEND’s A-List of Asian Americans. She is also an independent board director for L.L. Bean.

She currently lives in Paris with her husband, two children, and two cats.

Zena Srivatsa Arnold is the Sephora U.S. Chief Marketing Officer. A seasoned marketing executive, Zena is responsible for building Sephora’s brand and creating differentiated and unique marketing touchpoints – from communications, media, and creative, to loyalty, promotions and operations – that cater to Sephora’s diverse beauty community. Through her curiosity, digital expertise, and collaborative approach, Zena has garnered success in building and growing brands and driving initiatives that reach clients.