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Dao-Yi Chow

Co-Founder, Public School

Dao-Yi Chow is the co-founder of leading American menswear label Public School. Chow founded Public School with Maxwell Osborne in 2008, the New York city born and bred pair having met as designers working at leading menswear label Sean John. Whilst Osborne grew up in Brooklyn, Chow was raised in a neighbourhood of Queens known as ‘Little India’, and it is these distinctly earthy and urban roots that shine through in their Public School collections. This is further helped by the fact that unlike many of their contemporaries, Chow and Osborne do not have a great academic background in fashion, their skills being learnt in the real world rather than the classroom. “We are both untrained in the classic sense and cut our teeth on the job” said Chow. “But more importantly…we relate to fashion the way we relate to our existence in New York City”.