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Daniel Martin

Makeup Artist, Beauty Authority, and Social Activist

Daniel Martin is a beauty authority and social activist with a passion for education and self-improvement. Technically-trained and highly sought-after, Daniel has more than 25 years of experience as a professional makeup artist having worked across the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. Daniel’s timeless approach to achieving understated, elegant, and sophisticated looks that highlight his clients’ natural beauty has won over celebrities, models, brides, editors, and industry executives alike. Daniel has been recognized for his contributions to the beauty industry as a whole, having received many accolades from his peers, in addition to being a regular contributor to leading publications. Daniel is also known for his work as a beauty educator, and has taught makeup classes and workshops around the world.

It’s through his appreciation and deep understanding of how skin types and complexions play a crucial role in the efficacy of makeup and skincare that Daniel has focused his expertise. From his early start at the MAC counter to his apprenticeship and later teaching position at Aveda, Daniel has gone on to hold various positions of great influence at internationally renowned brands such as Honest Beauty and Dior, and now serves as Global Director of Artistry & Education at Tatcha (the first-ever appointment of an Asian-American in an executive-level post within the beauty industry). Daniel’s most important role, however, is arguably that of advocate. A member of both the Asian-American and LGBTQIA communities, Daniel uses the platform his high-profile career and insider access has afforded him to help serve under-represented and marginalized groups both in the beauty industry and beyond. Daniel has worked closely with charitable organizations such as Act to Change, Room to Read, and Model Alliance in a continued effort to contribute culturally and empower others.