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Christine Yi, Felicity Chen


Felicity Chen (Co-Founder, CEO) oversees Potli’s sales and operations, ensuring the quality of our products- the primary reason customers choose Potli- is at highest possible levels. In addition to being a third generation food manufacturer, Felicity worked in the food tech space at brands like UberEats and MealPal where she was focused on finding new ways to bring food to consumers.


Christine Yi (Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer) ensures Potli communicates a message of accessibility, inclusivity, health and wellness by overseeing the brand at product, marketing, and customer ecosystem levels. Prior to Potli, Christine worked in management consulting at PwC and growth and brand strategy at Ascena, focusing on building brand identities and developing product and growth strategies.

What inspired you all to create this company?

We started this company for our conservative asian mothers. She is an asthma patient who could have benefited from the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis, but was turned off by its reputation. With her and those like her in mind, we knew our branding and communication of possible health benefits of cannabis and the integrity of our ingredients (we even harvest our honey from our own Bay Area hives) would be key to our company.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
Potli is the premier purveyor of cannabis enhanced kitchen pantry ingredients. Most edibles available are sugar-based treats like gummies and chocolate. At Potli, we believe that infused ingredients like honey, olive oil, chili oil, and apple cider vinegar are the healthiest, easiest, most versatile way to incorporate the incredible health benefits of cannabis into your daily routine.