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Chella Man


Chella Man is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work explores the continuum of identity and deconstructs binaries within disability, gender, race, and morality. He is the author of Continnum (2021), the director of The Beauty of Being Deaf (2021), executive producer of Trans in Trumpland (2021), fashion designer for his collection with Opening Ceremony (2019), Jericho in Titans of DC Universe (2019), former columnist for Them, Condé Naste’s first LGBTQ+ publication (2018). His expansive identities as a Deaf, Genderqueer, Trans-Masculine, Jewish and Chinese artist inform a unique perspective that cannot be limited to one medium. Man blends the genres of fine arts and performance art while simultaneously exploring installation, sculpture, and film. Art serves as his visual loophole beyond verbal communication as this is often inaccessible and limiting in expression. He currently works as a mentor and artist-in-resident at Silver Art Projects located in The World Trade Center. This past year, Man published his first book, Continuum, highlighting the nuances of identity and to heal from systemic oppression. He hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to be accessible, inclusive, and equal in this world.