Celebrate the A100, the most impactful Asian Pacific Leaders.

Cathleen Cher


About the Founders
Cathleen is a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple companies in entertainment, fashion, and now, e-commerce. Her last company boasted $2M in revenue in its second year. Her past client list spans: Kanye West, American Express, Frank Ocean, Megan Thee Stallion, Nike, FILA (China), DIESEL, FKA Twigs, Calvin Harris, Bumble, Soho House, and more. She is passionate about storytelling, creating meaningful and memorable connections, and increasing their visibility of minority creators.

We create consciously curated, experiential gift boxes that focus on social responsibility. Starting within our own team, to the brands and products we stock, we’re putting diversity and inclusion at the core of everything we do! Our capabilities include ideation, sourcing, curation, manufacturing, and distribution for our original gift boxes to fully custom PR boxes.