Bryan Leong, Stephanie Wang


Bryan Leong is the founder and CEO of Amazebowls. Bryan is a Chinese Malaysian immigrant who was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He immigrated to America in 2009 where he attended USC as a business major and grew his passion for healthy eating. Bryan started the Amazebowls Purple Truck upon graduating which became the first acai food truck in Los Angeles. Since Amazebowls humble beginnings, Bryan has managed to grow the company to various locations around Los Angeles and an extensive in-demand catering service. Bryan oversees strategic planning and business development in the company.

Stephanie Wang is the co-owner and CMO of Amazebowls. Stephanie and Bryan met during their undergrad years at USC where they became friends and eventually business partners. Stephanie was raised in Walnut, CA and a first-generation Chinese American. Before joining Amazebowls, Stephanie was a Teach for America Corps Member and taught high school students in Downtown Los Angeles. After an unexpected health scare, Stephanie is passionate about driving the Amazebowls mission of healthy eating with no hidden sugars to all ages. She joined Amazebowls in 2016 where she oversees brand partnerships, social media, marketing, and day-to-day logistics.


What inspired you all to create this company?
We were inspired to create Amazebowls because we firmly believe in honest products that are truly healthy options. We started off with our food truck which we are proud to say was the first Acai food truck to take on the streets of LA. Our mission was to create a great, healthy product that all ages can enjoy. Using fruit as our great equalizer, we aimed to create an honest and transparent product that has no hidden sugars or ingredients. Our hope and goal is to break down intimidation and stigmas that come with eating healthy by making healthy eating accessible and fun for all.


What distinguishes your company and product in the market?
What truly distinguishes our company and products is that we have strived and committed to making everything in house and eradicating hidden sugars and ingredients. Most, if not all, acai and smoothie bowl places use hidden and/or refined sugars. All of our products though, include no added sugars, concentrated juices, preservatives, dairy, or gluten. Just 100% fruit. Our product line of nut butters, granolas and plant-based milks are all made in-house with clean ingredients. To top it off, we design our bowls around vibrant colors and punny names that uplift and encourage self-care through design and taste. What has separated Amazebowls from others is our relentless focus on spreading our message, and quite literally our food, to as many people as possible using our limited resources. We’ve partnered with Kitchen United to join cutting-edge shared kitchen concepts, and we’ve built sustainable catering by becoming Los Angeles’ preferred choice for healthy eating at private events, universities, TV studios, sporting events, music festivals, serving healthy food to thousands.