Bella Poarch


Infinitely fascinating and unpredictable, Bella Poarch is the true definition of never giving up. Not only the world’s third-biggest TikTok star (with more than 88 million followers and counting), the Filipina is a U.S. Navy veteran, gaming icon, anime obsessive, lifelong singer, and burgeoning songwriter who created countless home recordings based on her emotionally raw lyrics and self-taught ukulele skills. Growing up on a farm in the Philippines, Bella first discovered her vocal gifts as a little girl and soon started performing despite her parents’ disapproval. “I was expected to just focus on academics and not do anything extracurricular, but I’d join all these singing competitions and talent shows even though I wasn’t allowed,” says Bella. Over the years, she collected over 30 medals from those contests without her parents’ knowledge, and in high school began writing songs of her own. On her debut single “Build a Bitch” – she smashed the record for the biggest debut EVER on YouTube by a brand-new artist, with over 75 million first-week video views and more than 300 million to date – Bella delivers a wildly original brand of dark-pop, making her introduction as an artist with a one-of-a-kind vision and the talent to see it through.