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Antonio Chan & Kurt Willis


Antonio Chan

Antonio was born and raised in Taiwan and attended Taipei American school for HS. Antonio graduated from Emory University with a major in computer science and a minor in physics. Antonio then worked at Wayfair and StockX as a Sr. iOS engineer before working at a startup called HEIR where Antonio was first exposed to the world of web3 and NFTs. Towards the end of 2022, Antonio decided to pursue web3 full-time and founded an NFT project called Bao Society that had done over $1M in primary sales and 600+ ETH in secondary sales. Along the way of building Bao Society, Antonio had noticed the tremendous technical barriers to web3 and decided it’s time to solve that problem once and for all with CRFTD.



CRFTD is a code-less and e2e software that enables creators and projects to confidently setup a web3 presence. CRFTD features a full suite of the most popular and advanced applications of blockchain technology such as NFT generation, NFT staking, token generation, blockchain powered storefronts and make it as easy as filling out a form to setup.