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Andrew Yang

American Politican

Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and former 2020 presidential candidate. Initially dubbed a “longer than long shot” candidate by the New York Times in 2018, Andrew became a top contender for the presidency. With a vision to rewrite the rules of the United States economy through a “Freedom Dividend” of $1,000 a month for every American adult, Andrew became one of the most exciting stories in the 2020 race.

Andrew’s nationwide support, known as the “Yang Gang,” propelled him to seven Democratic primary debates, outlasting six senators, four governors, three members of congress, two mayors, and one secretary. According to CNN, their campaign “didn’t just make history… [it] unquestionably put a sizable dent in the future as well.”

Andrew then founded Humanity Forward, an organization built to legitimize the vision and ideas of his presidential campaign. Through both advocacy and action, Humanity Forward’s vision is to foster ​a human-centered America that measures each person for their intrinsic value, not their economic value.

Prior to running for office, Andrew founded Venture for America, a non-profit that created thousands of jobs in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and other cities throughout the country. In his book, ​​The War on Normal People,​​ he explains the mounting job-loss crisis due to automation, making the case for ​Universal Basic Income. Andrew was named a Presidential Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the White House under the Obama administration and a Champion of Change for his work with Venture for America. Andrew lives in New York City with his wife, Evelyn, and their two sons.