Andrew Toy

President & Chief Technology Officer, Clover Health

Andrew Toy is the President and Chief Technology Officer at Clover, where he is responsible for overseeing engineering, data science, product, IT, and security, as well as driving the vision for how technology and analytics can improve the lives of Clover’s members. As part of that, Andrew has led the effort to build and scale Clover’s cutting-edge software product, the Clover Assistant.

The Clover Assistant, which Clover offers to physicians for free, is a software platform that aggregates and integrates each patient’s (also Clover members) health data from across the health ecosystem – including lab results, specialist visits, medication adherence, claims, and customer experience encounters. It uses machine learning to synthesize that data and give providers actionable and personalized recommendations for each patient at the point of care. It shows the clinical reasoning behind these recommendations but relies on the doctor’s judgment and expertise to diagnose, treat, and implement care plans. Ultimately, physicians who use the Clover Assistant to manage their patients have experienced lower costs, less waste, and better patient outcomes.

Under Andrew’s leadership, Clover is fundamentally changing the role of an insurance company to be an active participant in making people healthier and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Andrew joined Clover from Google, where he coordinated enterprise activities for the Android team and ran Machine Learning, Enterprise Search, and Analytics for the G-Suite team. Before that, he was the CEO and co-founder of Divide, a company focused on creating a split between work and personal data on mobile devices, which was acquired by Google in 2014. He earned his BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford. He was born in Hong Kong, and currently resides in the Bay Area.